Please fill out the survey to help us gather information about the residents and the community in CSD 17. We ask that only potential parents or community members who live in or around the CSD 17 fill out this survey. Your answers will only be used for informational purposes. Under no circumstance will your information be given away, sold for profit, or used for unethical reasons. We thank you for your time in completing this survey and helping us to improve the quality of education in the CSD 17.


Founding team and proposed board members

Lidia Leudo: Ms. Leudo has vast experience in Health Administration.
Karlene Cowan: Ms. Cowan has a vast experience working with Charter School.
Rajni Perreira: Ms. Pereira is a Real Estate Broker
Philomena Jenkins: Ms. Jenkins has 25+ year experience in Education.
Ching Lui: Ms. Lui is a Teacher
Jack Cohen: Certified Public Accountant
Damon Wilson: Counselor, Crisis Intervention
Venus Beckles: Community Relationship

Las Americas Discovery Charter School mission is to” educate the whole  child” in their  elementary pedagogy years. We will provide a comprehensive,sequential,content-rich curriculum combined with character education. Technology will also be integrated into our core curriculum. Scholars will graduate from LADCS with the life skills needed in elementary school,to participate in any Middle School environment, and beyond.

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